Social responsibility

Moskvorechie  shopping and entertainment center implements a number of social programs, including those aimed at supporting veterans of war and labor. The company cooperates with the Council of Veterans, takes part in planning and organizing concerts and festive programs for veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

 The shopping center participates in the program of the Moscow Government «Muscovite's Social Card» and provide veterans with discounts on various food products.

The center complies with the accessibility standards for all categories of people with disabilities on sight, hearing, musculoskeletal system disorders and people with mobility impairments.

 The design of Moskvorechie shopping and entertainment center allows for easy movement of handicapped citizens inside the mall. Entrances/exits of the center are outfitted with entrance ramps and visual and tactile means – yellow circles for partially sighted and with sound columns. In the complex there are indicating signs and buttons with Braille letters in elevators, specially equipped lavatories for persons with disabilities. There are parking spaces available for disabled guests and a lift for wheelchairs. The stairs are equipped with special elevator for wheelchairs.

The center pays special attention to children: entire gallery is allocated for baby-goods stores, PARKWEEK entertainment center and Kids’ Development Center are waiting for adults and children.

The Kids’ Development Center is carrying out programs focused on junior and middle school aged children adapted to school program together with the Moscow Department of education and is bringing together such studies as «The City of Craftsmen», «Elementary Science», «Safety regulations in the city» and others, considering  interests of the children.

PARKWEEK entertainment center offers its visitors various attractions, multilevel labyrinth, the most contemporary XD cinema, special hall for birthday parties and children’s events destined for children of all ages.

The center is an active initiator and participant of social and public activities aimed at providing  public amenities:  improvement of transport infrastructure, landscaping and site finishing, construction of children's playgrounds.

A number of measures to improve transport infrastructure around the center  were carried out during its construction: for the convenience of drivers two existing roads were extended and two new roads were built, parking pockets making it possible to enter and exit from both sides of the parking area were created. Apart from the car parking area, there are also parking areas for bicycles and motor cycles.
For the convenience of pedestrians public transport stops and cross-walks  were relocated and placed opposite the entrances to the shopping center.

To improve the traffic situation around the shopping and entertainment center, a new turning circle for bus depot №7 was organized and, besides, a traffic control station was constructed and handed over to the city.